In today's competitive world, the success of a company depends on decisions related to quality, logistics, cost-effectiveness, information systems, and strategic planning. These decisions call for a combination of knowledge, expertise and experience. In order to face the challenges of the changing markets, it is crucial to choose the right tools to achieve yours goals. Gomeh Solutions Ltd. meets all the basic requirements for your success.

Gomeh Ltd. ("Gomeh") was established in early 2004 in order to provide effective and creative business solutions to fully tap the potential of an organization's human resources, R&D infrastructure, engineering, operations and information technology, through the use of advanced work methodologies, and innovative logistic and management systems.

Gomeh applies practical and unique solutions for its clients, combining methods from the disciplines of business management, logistics, information systems, quality management, methods and organization, optimization, and improvement of work procedures into a systemic, effective, and powerful solution that helps organizations increase profitability, cut costs, and improve the productivity and quality of the manufacturing process and products.

The solutions provided by Gomeh are suitable for any stage in the organization's life: from the definition and examination of needs, through characterization, application, integration, guidance and control, and ending with the stages of assimilation and ongoing production control. Gomeh takes responsibility for the results, and is committed to quantitative results and uncompromising human and business excellence.

Gomeh unites under one roof industrial and management engineers, consultants in the fields of information technology, quality control, marketing and business management, all of whom have proven knowledge and experience in the set up and management of projects, as well as improvement, control, measurement and strategic planning for the leading organizations in Israel and worldwide.

Gomeh's team of engineers came from various companies and organizations in the industry, and bring a high level of personal capabilities along with a profound understanding of applied procedures and complex organizational changes.

Gomeh's engineers match the work method to the organizational culture, to the financial capability and to the organization's cost-effective considerations.

Our engineers consider themselves part of the organization for which they work.

Gomeh's team personally guides each project (to date we have over 100 active clients).

Among our clientele are companies and organizations from a variety of fields: traditional industry, process industry, pharmaceuticals and medical Equipment, high-tech, plastics, chemical and energy industries, food industry, electronics, etc.

Gomeh solutions LTD.11 Ha'avoda Street, Rosh-ha'ain 48017 Tel: 03-9016391 Fax: 03-9016392